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Performs dictionary searching and browsing, text editing, other application text selection monitoring and TTS reading
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6 April 2010

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In the modern age of globalization and enhanced communication, the English language has become the medium for global interaction with diversifying business and organizations looking up for foreign languages and translators. However, the English language remains the standard favorite for communication amongst corporate operating across the world. To have the correct knowledge of the language as well as the phonetics are vital for apposite communication and interaction. We all use up dictionaries and translators for correct meaning and facilitating enhancement of vocabulary, and this facility has been made available online as well with the help of Google. Another important application that can help is SenseFind 0.1.1 which is the perfect usage for dictionary and audio recording too.

SenseFind opens with a neatly arranged interface with the major options placed at the top and top screen space reserved for word meaning. Further, the bottom pane contains the options for audio recording. The bottom left corner contains the list of similar spelt and sounding words and clear interface makes it easy to navigate. The unique graphical interface is useful for dictionary browsing, TTS reading and text editing along with monitoring the selection of words and texts in other text processing applications like the web browsers and editors; and also presenting meanings and audio pronunciations. An integrated Default English Dictionary consists of over 62 thousand words along with their meanings. The software automatically monitors the cursor text selections and presents meaning of the selected words. This utility can be effectively used by students and professionals alike to enhance their grasp on the language and further hone it.

To conclude, SenseFind 0.1.1 comes across as a useful and constructive application that can be effectively put to use by educationists and professionals and gets a rating score of 3.5 points for its suitable working.

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SenseFind provides a graphical interface for dictionary browsing, text editing, TTS reading and text audio recording. It allows also monitoring of word and text selections in other text processing applications such as internet browsers and editors, presenting their meanings and audio pronunciation. Its Default English Dictionary contains more than 62 thousand words and their meanings. SenseFind monitors the cursor text selections and immediately displays the meaning of selected words.
Version 0.1.1
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